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How to Join

Applications to join the Society may be made via the online pages below.


More details on each membership grade and how they relate to each other is presented here.

If you would like to change your membership grade, please email the General Secretary at [email protected].   No application fee is payable by existing members wishing to change their membership grade.

This grade is open to the following people:

  • People who make routine acoustical measurements, calibration and testing of equipment, etc. For example, technicians working in the field of audiometry. 
  • People who do not meet the criteria to be elected as Members (MAAS) of the Australian Acoustical Society.  For example, recent graduates of tertiary institutions with less than two years professional experience
  • Those who wish to Subscribe to the activities of the Australian Acoustical Society


Requirements for Admission to the grade Associate:

Candidates for election as Associate members of the Society must satisfy the Council that either:

  1. they have:
    1. a recognised tertiary qualification equivalent to at least three (3) years full-time study; or
    2. a postgraduate qualification relevant to acoustics recognised by the Society; or
    3. have successfully completed a shorter course in acoustics approved by the Society; or


  2. they have:
    1. been employed for not less than the equivalent of two (2) years full-time at a technician level in acoustics and that they have completed an appropriate certificate course or other appropriate post-secondary qualification; or
    2. been employed for not less than the equivalent of five (5) years full-time at a technician level in acoustics; or


  3. they:
    1. have a genuine interest in the objectives and activities of the Society (A.A.A.S (Subscriber), AAAS (Subscriber) ; or


                i. are bona fide students attending a part-time course, and that they are receiving instruction or                             training in some course pertaining to acoustics (A.A.A.S (Student), AAAS (Student).



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Note: Applicants must pay a $25.00 non-refundable application fee before their applications will be considered by the Society.  If accepted, normal membership fees will apply. Current Annual Subscription Rates are detailed in the above AAS Membership Information - 2021 documentation.