Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members are organisations which support the activities of the Australian Acoustical Society in a direct, financial way.
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3M Australia Pty Limited

With our E-A-R and Peltor brands, 3M is a global leader in sound detection, hearing protection and fit validation. We deliver comprehensive solutions to complex hearing protection challenges especially communications. 3M's range of safety solutions also includes respiratory, head eye and face protection, welding protection and water visibility.
Phone: 02 9498 9503
Fax: 02 9498 9515

Products: Hearing Protection

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are designed to reduce noise and absorb sound. Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are scientifically tested and proven effective against all kinds of noise. Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are a functional alternative to traditional Blinds and Curtains - and a simple, cost effective alternative to other acoustic products.
Location: Crows Nest, NSW
Phone: 1300 911 680

Acoustic Research Labs Pty Ltd

ARL is an engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of long term noise and vibration monitoring instruments. We are the Australian Distributor for RION sound and vibration products and carry out in house servicing of these instruments. We are NATA accredited in calibration services and have a extensive instrument hire fleet. ARL offers sale, service, hire and support for any of your acoustic instruments.
Phone: (02) 9484 0800
Fax: (02) 9484 0884

Instrumentation / Software: Calibration Equipment,Calibration Services,Equipment Hire,Long Term Noise Monitoring,Long Term Vibration Monitoring


Acoustica has been a pioneer in developing cost effective soundproofing solutions for over 30 Year s. Acoustica manufactures acoustic barriers and absorbers for walls, ceilings & roofs, floors and wastewater pipes . Products and services are sold through a network of resellers worldwide.
Phone: (02) 9550 2900
Fax: (02) 9550 5665

Products: Absorbing Materials,Acoustic Curtains and Drapes,Acoustic Door Seals,Ceiling Rafts and Hanging Baffles,Ceiling Systems,Damping Materials,Heating And Ventilation,Internal Walls Partitions,Lagging Insulation,Louvres,Noise Barriers and Screens,Ventilators,Wall and Ceiling Panels Fabric


Acran designs, manufactures, and installs air movement and noise control products including acoustic louvres, silencers, acoustic doors and acoustic enclosures.
Location: DARRA, QLD
Phone: (07) 3217 0055
Fax: (07) 3217 0066

Products: Absorbing Materials,Acoustic Door Seals,Ceiling Systems,Diffusers,Doors,Duct Linings,Enclosures,External Walls Cladding,Heating And Ventilation,Lagging Insulation,Louvres,Modular Acoustic Rooms,Noise Barriers and Screens,Silencers,Ventilators

ACU-VIB Electronics

Sales, service, NATA calibration laboratory, rental, instrumentation and software for noise and vibration measurements and analysis.
Phone: (02) 9680 8133
Fax: (02) 9680 8233

Instrumentation / Software: Accelerometers / Vibration,Calibration Equipment,Calibration Services,Human Vibration Meters,Long Term Noise Monitoring,Long Term Vibration Monitoring,Sound Level Meters Analysers

Adamsson Engineering P/L
Location: WANGARA DC, WA
Phone: (08) 9303 2915
Fax: (08) 9303 2821

Products: Heating And Ventilation,Louvres,Silencers,Ventilators

Aerison Pty Ltd

Aerison Pty Ltd designs and installs air pollution control systems, acoustic and noise control systems and odour reduction technologies. A single source lets you access a wide range of world-class equipment and expert advise on how to minimise the impact of your mining, oil and natural gas production and processing facility on the environment and communities near your operations. Aerison's solutions expertise also extends to the mineral processing, petro-chemical and manufacturing industries.
Location: WEST PERTH, WA
Phone: (08) 9352 5900
Fax: (08) 9352 5566

Consulting: Industrial Noise
Products: Enclosures,Louvres,Modular Acoustic Rooms,Silencers

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

Armstrong is a leader in the design and manufacture of acoustical ceilings; our innovative commercial product designs, solutions and services enable our customers to deliver the exceptional interior spaces they envision for themselves and their clients.
Phone: (02) 9748 1588

Products: Absorbing Materials,Ceiling Rafts and Hanging Baffles,Ceiling Systems,Wall and Ceiling Panels Composites,Wall and Ceiling Panels Fabric

Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants

The AAAC was formed in 1976 to advance the acoustical consulting profession. It is dedicated to management and related concerns of professional acoustical consulting firms and to safeguarding the interests of clients and the public.

Broadcrest Consulting

Broadcrest is an Australian owned innovative design consultancy based in Sydney. Our team of experienced engineers and scientists are skilled in a comprehensive range of environmental and civil disciplines to meet your needs Broadcrest provides technical services including inspection, assessment, design, consultation and analysis. In our design & reporting we are focused upon delivering a quality service whilst being practical and cost-effective in our solutions. This includes accommodating council requirements, adhering to relevant Australian Standards & Guidelines, and meeting environmentally-sensitive outcomes. From concept to construction, our clients enter each project-stage confident with a team of experts behind them
Location: THE PONDS, NSW
Phone: 1300 554 945

Consulting: Aircraft Noise,Building Regulations,Building Services Noise,Building Services Vibration,Construction and Demolition,Educational Spaces,Environmental Vibration,Industrial Noise,Industrial Vibration,Leisure and Entertainment,Noise And Vibration Control Engineering,Noise And Vibration Monitoring,Noise Mapping (Large Scale),Occupational Noise,Occupational Vibration,Railway Noise,Railway Vibration,Road Traffic Noise,Road Traffic Vibration,Sound Insulation Testing,Workplace Noise Assessments
Instrumentation / Software: Accelerometers / Vibration,Calibration Equipment,Dosemeters,Long Term Noise Monitoring,Long Term Vibration Monitoring,Occupational Noise Instrumentation,Sound Level Meters Analysers

Dynamic Composite Technologies

Dynamic Composite Technologies, or DCTech as we are now known, is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated with over twenty Year s experience in supplying a range of technically advanced acoustic insulation materials and related products to the Australian building and construction industry.
Phone: (03) 9369 7920
Fax: (03) 9369 4043

Products: Absorbing Materials,Acoustic Curtains and Drapes,Lagging Insulation,Louvres,Noise Barriers and Screens,Roofing Systems,Ventilators


Embelton are major suppliers to the building industry of Australian manufactured vibration isolation equipment and engineered solutions to structure borne vibration problems. Embelton delivers system design solutions for buildings backed up by a comprehensive range of anti-vibration and noise control products manufactured in Australia and distributed throughout Asia and the Pacific region.
Phone: (08) 9353 4811
Fax: (08) 9353 4855

Products: Anti Vibration Mounts,Expansion Joints,Flexible Pipe Connectors,Floating Floor Systems,Floor Systems,Isolated Foundations,Railway Track Support Systems


Envirosuite (ASX: EVS) is a global leader in environmental intelligence, using proprietary technology and real-time localised data to help communities and industry thrive. Through a unique combination of science and technology, Envirosuite delivers flexible solutions to address challenges of air and water quality, noise, and vibration, making the world a better place through improved environmental performance. Envirosuite’s world-leading end-to-end solutions are built around the power of prediction, with hyper-local meteorological forecasting, proprietary algorithms, real-time data and actionable insights; powerful capability enabling our clients to make fast and responsible operational and development decisions. Founded in Australia, Envirosuite now spans more than 15 countries and is a trusted partner to the world’s leading operators in airports, cities, construction, mining, heavy industry, waste and water. Helping owners, operators and administrators to realise the full potential of their assets through the power of environmental intelligence. By harnessing the power of environmental intelligence, we can build a better world.
Phone: (02) 8484 5819

Instrumentation / Software: Accelerometers / Vibration,Acoustic Cameras and Beamforming,Aircraft Noise Monitoring Systems,Architectural Room Acoustics Software,Artificial Head Acquisition Systems,Audiometric Equipment,Auralisation Software,Hearing Aid Test Systems,Human Vibration Meters,Long Term Noise Monitoring,Long Term Vibration Monitoring,Microphones,Multi Channel Systems,Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) Equipment,Occupational Noise Instrumentation,Remote Access Systems,Reverberation Time Measurement Systems,Sound Insulation Testing Systems,Sound Intensity Systems,Sound Level Meters Analysers,Sound Quality Measurement Systems,Speech Intelligibility Measurement,Vehicle Noise Measurement Systems

Hewshott International

Hewshott Acoustics is a specialist part of the Hewshott Group, and offers a full-service independent consultancy with qualified and rigorous acoustic expertise across base-build and fitout acoustics, residential and commercial developments, environmental acoustics, vibration and independent testing, verification and witnessing. Coupled with Hewshott’s renown expertise across AV and IT systems, Hewshott Acoustics draws on a wider range of expertise and services to provide our clients with a wider-viewed approach to acoustic challenges, whilst retaining pragmatism, professionalism and compliance with the various regulations that are in force around the country.
Location: SUBIACO, WA
Phone: 08 6230 2780

Consulting: Aircraft Noise,Building Regulations,Environmental Vibration,Industrial Noise,Industrial Vibration,Noise And Vibration Control Engineering,Noise And Vibration Monitoring,Occupational Noise,Occupational Vibration,Planning Applications,Railway Noise,Railway Vibration,Road Traffic Noise,Road Traffic Vibration,Workplace Noise Assessments
Instrumentation / Software: Accelerometers / Vibration,Sound Level Meters Analysers

IAC Acoustics (Australia) Pty Ltd

IAC Acoustics is an industrial acoustics company. We provide total custom-made solutions from the primary stage of design to the final stage of site installation. IAC Acoustics can help you with any acoustic project. From specialist anechoic chambers (, through to architecturally finished acoustic doors ( From diesel generator installations ( to haul truck attenuation (
Phone: (02) 8781 0400

Lee Brothers Fencing Group

Lee Brothers Fencing Group - Design, construct and engineer acoustic noise barriers/walls - Reduce the delivery of noise and vibrations - Adaptable to clients project needs and outcomes - Use various noise/vibration absorbent materials based on project needs such as Corten, Colorbond and more - Adhere to statutory regulation and design constraints - Engage services of qualified acoustic consultants and structural engineers to assist in design and certification - Capable in delivering VicRoads accredited projects. If you have any questions or need support with a noise walls project, contact Lee Brothers Group
Location: PRESTON, VIC
Phone: (03) 9484 4544
Fax: (03) 9484 0352

Products: Acoustic Curtains and Drapes,Enclosures,External Walls Cladding,Noise Barriers and Screens

NSW Environment Protection Authority

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is the state's primary environmental regulator. The EPA works with business, government and the community to manage and reduce pollution and waste. The EPA responds to pollution incidents and emergencies and enforces environmental regulations, monitors compliance and investigates reports of pollution.
Phone: 131 555

Pyrotek Noise Control

Pyrotek is the market leader in manufacturing acoustic and thermal solutions with over 30 years' experience. We specialise in acoustic materials, thermal insulation, fire protection, and provide advanced products to design specifications. Our R&D department is continually working on innovative acoustic and thermal solutions. The Pyrotek global team also provides knowledge and experience to control noise in demanding environments successfully. We offer consultation in design, customised soundproofing plans and are highly equipped to tailor any industry. Pyrotek has proven experience in noise control solutions with world-class manufacturing technologies, advanced research and development expertise. Pyrotek provides performance-improving technical acoustic and thermal materials.
Phone: (02) 8868 2088
Fax: (02) 9896 7711

Products: Absorbing Materials,Acoustic Curtains and Drapes,Damping Materials,Duct Linings,Floor Systems,Lagging Insulation,Noise Barriers and Screens,Wall and Ceiling Panels Fabric

Regupol (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Regupol (Australia) Pty Ltd has been the Australasian subsidiary for BSW's Regupol and Regufoam Vibration Technology for over 25 Years. Regupol offers solution based products for vibration isolation for buildings and machine foundations. Regupol also supplies in-house technical services for the vibration technology solutions including exclusive member services.
Phone: (02) 4624 0050
Fax: (02) 4647 4403

Products: Anti Vibration Mounts,Damping Materials,Floating Floor Systems,Floor Systems,Isolated Foundations