Acoustic sound masking technology - Technical meeting AAS Victoria Division

20 April 2021 - 5pm - 6pm (AEST)

Acoustic sound masking technology: applications, limitations and design considerations
Presenter: Megan Short - Soundmask

Acoustic sound masking has been used since the 1960s to solve the problems of speech privacy and distracting noise. Over the past 60 years, the technology has been developed and refined to create comfortable acoustic environments to suit today’s workspaces. 

The AAS committee has invited Megan Short to speak about acoustic sound masking technology from a hands-on design perspective. The presentation will cover:
• history and evolution of the technology
• basic theory and design principles (including applicable standards)
• general and specific applications
• potential challenges
• uniformity of the sound field (including modern architecture trends)
• perceptibility and effects of introducing additional sound
• Q&A
At the conclusion of the presentation, AAS members should have a better understanding of the technology including the applications, limitations and design considerations.

Megan Short is owner and Managing Director of Soundmask Global Pty Ltd. Megan’s experience in sound masking began in the 1990s when she helped to manufacture Soundmask’s first systems. She worked as a lawyer in privacy, workplace, health and aged care law, before returning to Soundmask in 2007. With over a decade of practical experience in design, Megan is uniquely placed to understand the design needs for those spaces requiring speech privacy and comfortable acoustic environments.

Zoom Meeting Details
 - Meeting ID: 882 7504 8550
Passcode: AAS-VicDiv

4/20/2021 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time

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