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For over 45 years, Mason Mercer has provided vibration and acoustic solutions for the HVAC, acoustical, architectural and OEM industry exclusively in Australia.

As the exclusive representative for Mason Industries & Mercer Rubber Co. We carry over 2000 products to suit all vibration control, acoustic, flexible connection & seismic restraint requirements.

We provide engineering and certification services in house for complex building isolation projects to pipe riser systems.

As the originators of the jack up floating floor system we have developed our range of architectural isolation solutions to be best in class for acoustic performance and longevity, while still being manufactured in house.

Mason Industries maintains ISO9001:2015 certification on the products manufactured. Although our catalogue is extremely extensive, this only represents part of what Mason do. 

Mason frequently works with acousticians, architects, engineers & builders to custom design and manufacture purpose specific solutions for all kinds of vibration & acoustic issues.

Our offices are in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth with resources and site services in all states and territories.

We have some great giveaways at the stand this year, please be sure to visit, we look forward to seeing you.







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The quietest floors that anyone’s ever ‘heard’ of!

At B&C systems, we’re all about managing noise. Used by industry professionals
and proven in case studies, we provide a high performance acoustic solution for
medium and high density housing development.
BRANZ appraised and suitable for a range of commercial and residential
applications, our independently tested flooring systems exceed Australian and New
Zealand acoustic and structural standards.
We’re working to make a difference by using recycled tyre waste as our raw material
to reduce the amount of used tyres entering landfill and to make construction
materials more sustainable.
Come see us at booth [booth number here] and collect an AcoustiFlor Laser Measure on us!




Embelton have been a market leader in Australia for vibration isolation solutions for over 50 years.

From anti-vibration mounts under mechanical equipment, to floating floors and building isolation we utilise our systems and experience to ensure that critical spaces achieve their structure-borne noise and vibration criteria.

Embelton’s engineering team and in-house fabrication facilities also grants the flexibility to innovate and modify systems for bespoke requirements.

We recognise the very important role that acoustic engineers have in ensuring the comfort of the built environment and are proud to be sponsors of the Australian Acoustic Society.




Bronze Sponsors

Established by Michael Fitzsimons in 1987, Instyle is a leading wholesale supplier of elegant, highly functional acoustic solutions for interiors, including workplace, hospitality, healthcare, public building, transport, public space and residential spaces.

Instyle’s Ecoustic collection offers a wide range of acoustic products and finishes with broadband absorption (NRC 0.6 - 1.0) including drop-in ceiling tiles, wall panels, soffit absorbers, baffle systems, acoustic timber products and wall tiles.

Instyle has won or been shortlisted for numerous design awards for its acoustic products, including four international design award wins for its innovative Ecoustic Sculpt.

Designed for the environment, the Ecoustic collection achieves Cradle to Cradle and Greentag Level A certification and has featured in many key projects including NAB, Westpac, Melbourne University, UTS, Deakin University, Facebook, Google and Uber.



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Other Trade Exhibitors



At Acoem, our aim is to shorten the path between monitoring and informed action. With a range of multi-parameter noise and vibration sensors, measurement tools and integrated data solutions, we are globally recognised for our class-leading equipment and smart monitoring capabilities. By designing our monitoring instruments — 4G Fusion™ sound level meter, 4G Cube™ noise monitoring terminal and Orion™ vibration monitoring terminal — and on a single ecosystem, we provide users with greater inter-connectivity between devices, components and analysis software. This translates to ease of operation and the ability to quickly adapt between features and models across the Acoem range. Our technology empowers environmental consultants, industries, construction sites and airports to make knowledgeable decisions based on accurate and reliable data. It helps them adhere to government regulations, protect businesses and workers from excessive noise and vibration levels, and improve quality of life for affected communities. Together, we create environments of possibility.






Beautiful acoustics for spaces where people live, work and learn.
Our acoustic solutions are designed to reduce and control reverberation and echo in building interiors, creating comfortable, acoustically balanced environments. The Autex Acoustics range offers a variety of treatments including wallcoverings, panels, baffles, and screens—easily customised to fit the requirements of your space.
For over 30 years our team has been designing, developing and manufacturing innovative acoustics for the built environment—revolutionising the way acoustic treatments are applied within interior spaces. As passionate creators, we’re constantly tinkering with new concepts, and expanding our horizons.
If it requires a call to action to come to the store please include – For further information on our products, visit us at ‘stall number’ to speak with our Technical Manager, Rob Jones.



   ETMC Technologies helps you measure and capture acoustic and other data with confidence.  

No matter if you need advice, a replacement microphone capsule or accelerometer, through to a compete system or environmental logging solution with acoustic directionality sending data to a web based solution, we can offer you class and capability leading options. 

Some of the things you will see on our stand: 
  • calibrators that take all the guess-work out of getting an acoustic calibration right! 
  • noise monitoring solutions with affordable (and compact) directionality + easy setup/operation! 
  • modern sound level meters that offer tight web integration, powerful functionality and more! 
  • microphones that thrive in conditions that kill others (oil, water, dust, dirt, drop, shock & drop resistant), 
  •'convertible' microphones that don't compromise performance; can be used as free-field or random/diffuse field via a small adapter
  • and much much more . . .
Come and talk with us to see how we can help you and your team get better results through more reliable and robust sensors.  More information on our website www.etmc.com.au