The Australian Acoustical Society is calling for abstracts for papers to be presented at Acoustics 2021.  

Abstract Submissions have been extended until 15th September 2021.
Papers are invited on all aspects of acoustics and vibration, including (but not limited to): 

  • Acoustic Sensing of Marine Environment 
  • Acoustics of Materials and Products 
  • Aircraft, Aerospace and Other Transport Noise 
  • Aeroacoustics 
  • Audio Engineering, Sound Quality and Reproduction 
  • Architectural and Building Acoustics (incl. Specialist Spaces) 
  • Building Vibration and Structure Borne Noise 
  • Defence Science 
  • Environmental Acoustics 
  • Environmental Vibration 
  • Environmental Noise Policy and Regulation 
  • Impacts of Underwater Noise on Marine Animals 
  • Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques 
  • Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound 
  • Marine Soundscapes and Noise from Marine Development 
  • Musical Acoustics 
  • Noise and Vibration Control 
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Physical Acoustics (incl. Ultrasonics, Thermoacoustics)
  • Professional Acoustical Practices
  • Railway Noise and Vibration
  • Road Traffic Noise
  • Underwater Sound Propagation, Measurements and Modelling
  • Wind Turbine Noise
  • Other Topics of Interest 

Paper Submissions and Key Dates
Abstracts                                      15th September 2021
Full Paper (for peer review)                      1st October 2021
Full Paper or  Short Paper(non-peer reviewed)                          1st December 2021
Revisions of Peer Reviewed Full Papers                    1st December 2021

This year there are two options for papers:

Full Paper:  Full conference paper of up to 8 pages. Authors of Full Papers have a further option for their paper to be peer reviewed, or for it to be a non-peer reviewed paper. 

Short Paper:  This is a 2 Page paper (no peer review option). This option may suit those who are time poor, as well as academics who may wish to publish the work in other journals and don't wish to be constrained by already having published the research at a conference. It also allows for updates on progress of previously discussed research.

Please choose a template: 

Acoustics 2021 Full Paper Template 

Acoustics 2021 Short Paper Template


The presentation time at the conference is still the same for both paper formats (15 minutes + questions). The key difference is that the Short Paper will not contain all of the presentation material.